What We Achieved

We constructed Mud-houses for people so that we could provide a roof over their heads for families in vulnerable situations.     Along with this we gave them 200 sticks of (Maravalli Killangu) cassava,  2 or 3 goats, 10 coconut trees , and 10 Banana trees.   This project started to give them an occupation of doing home-growing agricultural works and gave them an opportunity to generate an income for their families.   This has been the type of projects we have been doing in the region. 

We encouraged and supported small industries like

A coir factory

Production of Mixtures and other edible items

Packaging industry

Producing and making Edible items,

Grocery shops

Tiffin shops, and

Grinding-mill for families.  

We are proud to say that most of these businesses and the small industries are still running quite successfully providing employment facilities for the fellow villagers and generating a sustainable income for the households.

On the educational front we have supported youngsters for higher education courses, including Jaffna University Degrees, Open University  Diploma and Certificate courses for Social Studies, Marketing and Management  and Fine-Arts courses.

We also supported young students, nearly 79 students  providing  Catch-up-Education  courses over 18 months to bring them up to scratch and be able to follow the regular school works for those who have gone  through disrupted schooling during the period of  war.

We supported nearly 28 youngsters to follow a Nursery Teachers Diploma course who would have lost their jobs for the reason that they did not have the formal education.  They all qualified and got reinstated with better salaries.

We also supported 18 youngsters to get their domestic Driving License and nearly 20 youngsters to get their Heavy Goods Vehicle Driving Licenses,   and I am pleased to say that they are all in employment as drivers  in one form or the other. 

We have contributed a good share to the regions’  economy and given sustainable income to the families and the individuals.  We provided wells and tube-wells for agricultural works where they could generate incomes for themselves.  Trained the locals on Zero budget Farming, to encourage natural farming.

We worked through local organisations and have been quite successful.   After the completion of these works successfully we have moved to the Eastern province of Sri Lanka, the Batticaloa region.  It is not that we have finished with Kilinotchi region but to make a small change and to look into a different environment.

In the Eastern Province we have done even better, by giving a social responsibility to the beneficiaries who are generating an  income and returning part of the help they have received (over a comfortable  several months of small payments) allowing us to reuse the funds for similar future projects.  We are proud to say that the number of beneficiaries are  coming up to 122 families.  These projects are of a good mixture of Agricultural, breeding chicken, goats and cows and Bulls, shops, tiffin shops, tailoring and fishing projects.  We also have supported 341 vulnerable school children providing them with school shoes, school bags and stationeries. 

We have a pilot scheme  at present where we are teaching English for Grade 1-5 students, and have one teacher who is teaching at present  and we  intend to have two apprentices to join the main teacher.  We hope that both the apprentices ( with O/L and A/L  qualified)  will be in  a position to teach in similar classes  with this two years of training.

We wish to help the vulnerable people to help themselves which will in turn contribute an injection to the Economy of the region. This impact in our view is a huge revival to these regions.  This is not only a dream and a vision but this is something that  I consider to be huge  and flourishing development to the regions’ Economy in years to come.  Creation of occupations, generating income, increasing employment opportunities, skills creation, giving the feel of the entrepreneurship to the most vulnerable people.

This Mission could be archived and it is within our scope. Likeminded people like yourselves would understand the strategy and stand with us in supporting the projects we take on.

Our logo reflects what we believe in.   Drops of water ( slipping through the fingers ) creating an ocean  below and combined with the hard work of the people themselves ( a man  ploughing the field), we could make the difference to fulfill our vision.       

“Give a man a fish….

                        And you feed him for a day.

 Help a man to fish ….     

                                                   And you will feed him for a lifetime”